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"Birdrock" is the name we gave to our first Home for the CHILDREN.


I was aching and vulnerable, feeling far from home, when, through the harsh shore wind, I saw a large rock surrounded by the rough churned-up sea. The rock was covered with all the kinds of animals: willet, gull, cormorant, sea lion, seal, pelican, otter. All had found refuge from the hammering of the sea; climbing, winging hauling themselves on the rock; living together, laying on each other; finding this rock-oasis of wind and sun; too tired once on the rock to fight, each having been wrung out by the pounding of the wet, wet hours.

     I realised this is how the wounded find their way, how we have found each other, even in this book. Every survivor, regardless of what they survive, knows the hammering of the sea, and the rock we find refuge on is an exposed place where we finally accept each other — too tired from swimming to think any longer about territories, too tired to talk except through simple touch.
The wellness group I attended weekly was such a rock. the meeting rooms of recovery are such a rock. the thousand quiet rooms of therapy are such a rock. For those who have suffered, tolerance is not a political position or even a principle. For those of us who have suffered, who have hauled ourselves into the sun, anything exhausted beside us is family.
— The Book of Awakening

We know that nothing can replace a loving family comprised of a loving mother, a loving father, and perhaps even a loving sibling or two or three.
— Mira Riad (Founder)

To try to alleviate suffering, where it is most needed is really admirable.
I cannot say enough about this place, but I just wish you every success and I will come back here to learn from you.
— Sir Magdi Yacoub

We know that orphanages are not the ideal situation for children.  We know that nothing can replace a loving family comprised of a loving mother, a loving father, and perhaps even a loving sibling or two or three.  We know this.  But we also know that too often, this is not an option.  We know there are an estimated 1,000,000 orphans in Egypt, and an additional 3,000,000 street children.  We know that adoption is not an option for them.  For starters, adoption is not legally recognized in Egypt.  Because of this and other factors, being an orphan has become stigmatized.  Also, Egypt is a developing country where 41%* of the population live below the poverty line (or live on $2/day)*.  The existing orphanages in the country are overpopulated, understaffed, and do not have the financial means or the know how to make the children's situation better.  We knew we had to do something...

We set out to build a home.  We knew we couldn't build a home for all the children in need - at least not at first.  We set out to build a strategy, to maximize the benefit with this new concept.  This concept is simple.  Provide a group of these orphans with everything they need to thrive - shelter, food, clothing, education, and most importantly love and attention.  Children need love and attention to fully thrive.  In order to give them the attention they need, we needed to make sure that the home wasn't an institution.  We relayed this to our architect, who designed a home that feels like a home.  In Egypt, living in apartment buildings and communities is the norm.  So that's what we did.  The home is separated into apartments, with four rooms each.  One room is for the "Caregiver" and three are for the kids - 3 kids per room.  Each room has its bathroom, and all 4 rooms are joined together by a living area.  On the ground floor are the services.  There is an art room, a music room, a computer room, a library, a study, a dining room and kitchen, and administration offices.  These areas are part of the community, but the children's apartments are their private homes and are meant to feel like their own space.

Our home can house up to 150 children and their mothers (caregivers).

Our home contains 14 apartments of 4-5 bedrooms/ bathrooms each, a living area and a terrace. Each apartment is a separate "home within the home" with a mommy. The other apartments serve as extended families for the children.

Overview of Birdrock home

Overview of Birdrock home