Psychosocial Counselor/ Program Officer

Division/Department: Programs/ Mental Health Department

Location: The Littlest Lamb - Orabi

Contract Duration : Minimum 12 Months

Hours : 40 Hours a week / 5 days a week including two Weekend shifts a Month


Job Description

  • The psychosocial counselor is an executive agent for psychological and social development and rehabilitation. PCs provide psychological support and therapy for in-house children according to TLL program guidelines. The program involves ABA, Triple P Parenting, tf-CBT and attachment based therapy approaches. Intervention strategies are both directive and non-directive, with the use of play and art channels. In parallel PCs work with under-privileged children outside of Birdrock, executing the same program approaches but in different settings (schools, neighbourhoods, orphanages… etc.)

Key Responsibilities


  • In-house:

-  Screen intake children for diagnosis.

-  Identify psychological symptoms

-  Execute treatment and development programs for trauma and attachment disorders.

-  Execute behavioral management and modification programs.

-  Build psychotherapeutic relationships with in-house children.

-  Provide information on pertinent psychological issues, concerns and developments.

-  Ensure complete documentation of cases.

-  Plan and execute camp-like activities.

  • Education:

-  Bachelor of Psychology, or related field.

 0 – 3 years of experience in psychology.

-  Written and spoken English mandatory.

  • Professional Experiences:

-  Experience in Mental health

-  Experience within a multidisciplinary team

-  Interest in working with children and trauma

-  Enthusiastic and entertaining capabilities

-  Communication aptitude

-  Innovative and initiation skills

-  Good knowledge on mental health approaches, promotion, and treatment models

-  Good writing and reporting skills


Interested candidates should send their CVs along with a cover letter to: & with the title subject: Psychosocial Counselor.